hold your sadness like a puppet

keep putting on the play

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(no subject)
laying in a patch of dead grass,
it sinks beneath my weight
and i fall deeper into the hole
until i find roots digging into my back.
they coil around my limbs
wind in and out, around and over
tie me up and begin to squeeze.
now my breath is shorter and
the sun no longer illuminates, radiates, but
casts a black shadow on a black world.
so i tear free.
i rip, and pull and break
the vines that hold me down.
kicking, and pushing, and i hear
the cracks of the thick ropes breaking
for the first time since before i was alive.
my hands are bleeding and i'm tired, but
i took something permanent and
changed it.
rearranged it.
now there's a pile of dead root
under the spot i suddenly realize
i've been planted all along
so i run out into the open
i want to tell them all.
but all i find across the horizon
are body shaped holes
in the ground


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